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Anton Barbeau is as busy as ever, spreading his pre-apocalyptic psychedelic pop far and wide. California-born, but now residing in Berlin, Barbeau has toured the UK from tip to tail, and has confused and amused audiences from Istanbul to Liverpool with his mind-bending stage show and auto-neurotic humour. He's supported a crazy range of other artists, from Julian Cope to Robyn Hitchcock to Weezer, and is as awkwardly comfy in a smoke-and-feedback drenched village farmhouse as he is in a Parisian piano bar. His latest release for Pink Hedgehog, Berliner Grotesk, is his first ever piano-based album and is full of weird and wonderful Ant-pop moments!


Berliner Grotesk PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE62 - 2019 album on CD/DL

Plastic Guitar PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE37 - 2009 album on CD/DL

Drug Free PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE16 - 2006 album on CD/DL

Waterbugs & Beetles PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE10 - 2006 album on CD/DL

Guladong PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE7 - 2003 album on CD/DL


"Anton Barbeau represents the Sacramento chapter of that nameless coterie of enduringly reliable, acid-tinged singer-songwriters that includes XTC's Andy Partridge, Robyn Hitchcock, Julian Cope and the Bevis Frond's Nick Saloman. His new album bathes beautifully constructed, thoughtfully arranged songs in a fading psychedelic sunshine, and it would be many casual consumers' album of the year if only they got to hear it. 'Alphalpha Bhang' is a snake-charming slow burn, while 'Boncentration Bamps' is lysergicly incoherent and inexplicably affecting. Why buy George Martin's rebooted Beatles? Classic guitar pop isn't dead." ****
 - Stewart Lee (The Sunday Times, UK)

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