close to the hedge, compilation


(Cat. No. CTTH1, Released 21/06/13, Limited Edition CD-R/DL)


Close to the Hedge is a collection of songs by the bands, artists and friends of Pink Hedgehog Records. Most of the tracks on the album are either brand new or have never been released before, so there is a wealth of pop-tastic treats to savour and enjoy; some by artists you already know and love, plus some that may be new to you!

1. the black watch - Meg    
2. Anton Barbeau - Magazine Street    
3. Schnauser - Quiches and Flans and Bottles and Bags    
4. Mondo Jet Set - Wig Out    
5. Chandler Fredrick - Birthday    
6. Hamfatter - Those Were the Days    
7. Eye - Rain on Your Parade    
8. Cheese - Damn You    
9. Des'n'Al - Mistress Mine    
10. The Bitter Little Cider Apples - Strings are Tied    
11. Garfields Birthday - Oxford    
12. Peter Lacey - Hope    
13. Freak Circus - One Thousand Hearts    
14. Electrasy - Today's the Day    
15. YO MA MA - Consider the Wind    
16. Hallelujah Bay - The Fairy King    
17. Steve Wilson - Torn Photographs    
18. Triops - Hybrid Taxidermy    
19. The Lucky Bishops - Lose Your Shirt    
20. Stephen John Kalinich - The Stillness


"Close To The Hedge is a fundraiser and band sampler for Pink Hedgehog Records, whose roster includes many artists familiar to Rumbles, not least Anton Barbeau and Garfields Birthday. It's an eclectic and mostly excellent mix." Simon Lewis (Terrascope)

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