(Cat. No. SMILE59, Released 16/09/16, CD-R/DL)


This is the sequel/companion album to last year's Emotional Feedback, and is another therapeutic/confessional collection. Recording it was an occasionally enjoyable process, which has seen me in many different moods which I think are reflected in the somewhat erratic song selection - some are probably far too introspective, some bouncy and fun, while others are a bit silly.  Many of the songs are newly written (during a recent creative spell), a few are reworked tunes I've rediscovered, and one was actually written when I was a teenager.  If I'm honest, I would say these recordings are essentially demos... the intention would be to one day record them "properly" in a studio, but the reality is that this is as good as they're ever likely to sound!

1 Will You Be There (By My Side)
2 Alibi
3 Goodbye (Again)
4 Missing in Action
5 It must be (A Nightmare)
6 Good Morning Britain
7 It's Obvious
8 Your Time is Running Out
9 Falling to Pieces
10 You and Me
11 I Would (If I Wanted To)
12 Waiting (For the Present to Pass)


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return to easton square, simon felton

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