mondo jet set, james laming, mark robins


Two man bands… there aren’t so many are there? Pet Shop Boys and Sparks spring to mind, and indeed both acts with their literary and quirky sensibilities share something in common with Dorset offspring Mondo Jet Set. But that isn’t to say they are really like either.  At their heart is the English witticism of the ’60s, the epic production of Brothers-era Beach Boys, the early ’80s in general and soundtracks, but perhaps what comes out is something entirely different.  The two unassuming gents that make up Mondo Jet Set aren’t rock stars, they aren’t particularly fond of talking about themselves or their influences and they don’t even have a live band to take on the road. None of this should matter when the solitude of record collecting has become the new gig going.  If the right people hear them and their more mainstream songs grace the Radio 1, 2 and 6 playlists, Mondo Jet Set could certainly rival the success of Pulp or any of the other quintessential English misfits.


Provincial Drama Club PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE47 - 2013 album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

Ha Ha Ha PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE44 - 2011 album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

Girl Action PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE34 - 2009 album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

Henry After a Nightlife PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE14 - 2006 album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

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