berliner grotesk by anton barbeau


(Cat. No. SMILE62, Released 10/05/19, CD/DL)


Anton Barbeau plays "pre-apocalyptic psychedelic pop." He's a Taurus, born in Sacramento and now living by a canal in Berlin. He's made something like 20 albums and has worked with members of XTC, The Soft Boys, the Bevis Frond, Cake, the Loud Family and Mystery Lawn label-mates, the Corner Laughers. Julian Cope got him stoned in Croydon once.  Pink Hedgehog are as pleased as can be to be releasing his brand new album, his fifth for the label.  It seemed like perfect timing when Anton came up with this gem, just ready for our 25th anniversary year!  Talking to the man himself he told us:

Berliner Grotesk is the third installment of my Transfiguration Trilogy.  It's so named because each of the three albums was meant to be something other originally. Magic Act started life assuming it'd be the third Three Minute Tease album. Natural Causes came out of the murky batch of songs called Applewax and Berliner Grotesk was intended to be an ugly, industrial electronic record.  Each album turned out brighter than intended, and the three fit together well.”


1 Berliner Grotesk

2 I Been to Bromley
3 Love Me Do
4 Down Weird Dog
5 The Gruff Exterminator
6 Baby Can You?
7 Horns
8 Not the World’s Most Wave-Formed Man
9 Disaster on Sandwich Island
10 don’tforgettogetyourfingerwet
11 Boxcat Blues


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