emotional feedback, simon felton, james laming, steve wilson


(Cat. No. SMILE53, Released 07/09/15, CD-R/DL)


Unlike 2011's Surrender, Dorothy! and 2009's Failing in Biology, this new collection was recorded by Simon on his own, for better or worse.  With the exception of a guest performance by Steve Wilson who plays guitar on one song, this is the sound of Simon doing what he does best - recording simple melodic songs that often belie their substance and making them sound pretty by adding lots of harmonies in an effort to distract the listener from their true meaning.  Emotional Feedback is not a break-up album in the classic sense, but there is definitely a recurring "theme" of loss and lethergy that pervades throughout.  So no party anthems or floor-fillers then.  Instead you get some quite pretty songs which share a similar spirit and come together to make some kind of observation on (mostly) human relationships.


1 Two Fine Lovers/A Warning
2 Sympathy No.4
3 Audrey
4 Safe Bet
5 Clouds
6 Throw it all Away
7 Coffee and Lies
8 Here
9 If I Were a Single Girl Again
10 I Think Therefore I Sleep


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