failing in biology, simon felton, anton barbeau, alan strawbridge


(Cat. No. SMILE35, Released 18/05/09, CD/DL)


Simon finally came of age with the release of his first solo album in 2009 after singing and playing bass guitar with indie-pop stalwarts Garfields Birthday since the mid 90s. He joined forces with Californian cult-superstar Anton Barbeau and the now Bristol-based psych-pop legend Alan Strawbridge to give us Failing in Biology, a concise and punchy album of shiny pop gems!

1. Mister Magic Eyes
2. In the Attic
3. Wait and See
4. (It's Not) Rocket Science
5. Paisley Man
6. Stupid Song
7. Me
8. The Latest Thing
9. Goodbye
10. Neptune's Fountain


"The whole enterprise exudes sure-footed class."

Marco Rossi (Shindig!)

"Ridiculously accessible, often stunning collection of power pop tunes... Utterly wonderful." Michael Toland (The Big Takeover)

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