Shane Felton, Simon Felton, Ady Payne


Garfields Birthday are from Weymouth, a seaside town on the south coast of England. They were formed in 1995 by James Laming and Simon Felton after being inspired by artists like Neil Young, Teenage Fanclub and Big Star. With Shane Felton on guitar and Adrian Payne on drums, they spent the next few years playing sporadic gigs and recording a wealth of demos.  After releasing several cassette albums and appearing on various compilations, James left to form Mondo Jet Set with Mark Robins.  They continued with Simon as the front-man, recording the Mr Newton EP in 2005 for German label Dandyland, followed by the albums Let Them Eat Cake (2008) and More Sense Than Money (2010).  In 2009 and 2011, Simon was joined by guitarist Leighton McGrath for a series of acoustic concerts in Germany and Holland.  The Felton brothers were back in 2014 with a new album called You are Here and 2016 will see drummer Ady join them for their fourth appearance at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool.  With the next album already recorded, Garfields Birthday are still waving the indie-pop banner and making music for all those lost romantic souls who still appreciate a good tune.


You are Here PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE51 - 2014 album on CD-R/DL

More Sense Than Money  PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE42 - 2010 album on CD/DL

Let Them Eat Cake  PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE28 - 2008 album on CD/DL

"The legacy of British pop is still in safe hands."
 - Kevin Matthews (The Power Of Pop, Singapore)


"My favourite discovery of the year."
 - Steve McLean (Chart Attack, Canada)

"A prime example of British power pop."
- Aaron Kupferberg (Powerpopaholic, USA)

"Songs that XTC would be proud to call their own."
- Stuart Hamilton (Zeitgeist, UK)

"Rocks with an assured ease."
- David Bash (Shindig!, UK)

"An amazingly warm and fuzzy achievement all around, lads. Encore!"
- Jeff Penczak (Shindig!, UK)


"Pushing the Brit-pop envelope for as long as I can remember."
- Rob Forbes (Leicester Bangs, UK)


"One of the great English pop bands of our time."
- Don Campau (DJ, USA)


"The band of choice for so many standard bearers of quality pop the world over."
- Marco Rossi (The Dorset Echo, UK)


"This is melodic pop music at its very best."
- Phil Jackson (Zeitgeist, UK)


"Excellent indiepop for lost romantic souls."
- Didier Becu (The Original Sin, Belgium)

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