grinmace, peter lacey, stephen kalinich, david beard


(Cat. No. SMILE48, Released 03/12/12, Limited Edition CD-R/DL)


Like many of us, Peter Lacey spent endless happy hours captivated by the mystery of The Beach Boys SMiLE project. But what happened after the myth became reality and the music was finally unveiled to the world? The thing with great art is you always return to it, and certain questions remained on Peter's mind. The salient one concerned the couple who ran the SMiLE Shoppe. Who were they? What happened to them once SMiLE came to light? Grinmace tells their story. With the help of Beach Boys lyricist Stephen Kalinich and ESQ editor David Beard, Peter has added another wonderful chapter to his own musical legacy, whilst offering a clever postscript to an album that has provided so much pleasure and inspiration to him!


1. In a Golden State of Mind
2. Heyday/Slump/Closing Time
3. The Time of our Lives
4. Our Light
5. Paradise Cove


"Where Brian Wilson took to his bed for the best part of a decade, his acolyte Peter Lacey seems contrastingly restless. A recent string of consistently impressive Beach Boys-besotted releases is now added to with the singularly inspired Grinmace EP, which takes as it's subject a rumination on the fate of the open-faced couple in the shop depicted on Frank Holmes' sleeve artwork for SMiLE. From this simple but devastatingly poignant kernel of an idea comes a flawlessly realised treatise on the nature of hope, idealism, disappointment, big dreams and broken dreams, all essayed with Lacey's characteristically expansive melodies and verbal adroitness. If 'Golden State of Mind' literally sets out its stall with beaming optimism, 'Slump' and 'Closing Time' address the crushing of human spirit with stark empathy. Reassuringly, the concluding 'Paradise Cove' represents salvation and replenishment, with a perfectly placed nod to The Beach Boys' 'Our Prayer' over the coda." Marco Rossi (Shindig!)

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