James Laming, Mark Robins, Marlowe


Hamfatter are three thoroughbred musicians from Cambridge. After a three year pause to recover from the shock of appearing on BBC series Dragon’s Den, and the strange times which soon followed, they were back in 2011 with a fantastic new album paid for by investor Peter Jones. Cassiopeia was a long time in the making, but it took that long for the band to find their way again after being plucked from cult-stardom and the indie wilderness. They signed to Pink Hedgehog back in 2003 and spent several happy years recording albums on a shoe-string budget and touring Europe. Their single, 'Sziget (We Get Wrecked)', gave Pink Hedgehog our first chart success, reaching number 54 in the official UK singles chart!


Cassiopeia PINK HEDGEHOG/HAMFATTER LTD, HAM5 - 2011 album on CD/DL

Do Something Stupid Tonight PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE29 - 2008 ep CD/DL

What Part of Hamfatter Do You Not Understand? PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE25

                                                                                                                     - 2007 album on CD/DL

Sziget (We Get Wrecked) PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE24 - 2007 single on CD/DL

Girls in Graz PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE13 - 2006 album on CD/DL

Fireworks PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE6 - 2003 album on CD/DL

"After four albums scrabbling around the indie depths, the splendidly named Hamfatter appeared on Dragon's Den begging for £75,000 to record their next three albums. Amazingly, Dragon Peter Jones succumbed. Wisely they've spent their cash on a top-notch production from Joe Chicarelli (he's engineered Frank Zappa, Elton John and U2). A big, lush sound suits Hamfatter, and 'Iceland' seems to be propelled by an orchestra, even if they sound more like the Kaiser Chiefs than recent Kaiser Chiefs on 'The Beats'. Elsewhere, 'BBC VI' and 'So We Go' are rammed with curly, insistent melodies. Jones just might get his money back."
 - John Aizlewood (Q Magazine, UK)


"First up, two hilarious things about Hamfatter. They describe themselves as “Badly Drawn Boy with amphetamines sprinkled in his tea” and they give the dictionary definition of their daft name on their new album booklet – “n. a third-rate minstrel, variety or actor, v. to act badly or ineffectively”. But there’s nothing third rate about their third album and there’s something quintessentially English about their witty kitchen sink dramas that makes it a hugely entertaining listen. Hamfatter’s sonic palette includes indie rock, Sixties pop, horns, strings and, above all, style."
 - CS (The Sun, UK)

"Ignore the terrible band name and awful title, the year’s best kept indie secret is here. Hamfatter are a Cambridge three piece who have set about documenting life in a band with endearing honesty and no shortage of humour. The vocals evoke Belle and Sebastian, early David Bowie and shades of overlooked chamber-pop genius, Jake Shillingford, of My Life Story fame. 'Sziget' is an indie anthem about performing, well, indie anthems at the Hungarian festival of the same name, while 'How Sweet It Is' is a show-stopping marvel that Marc Almond would sound entirely at home on, and confirmation that this band are capable of great things. Even if the entire album wasn’t full of quintessentially British storytelling, not dissimilar to Damon Albarn in his Britpop pomp, and riffs large enough to put billboards on, I’d be tempted to give this album a hugely positive review. The reason? One track, 'At Home Here', features an inspired assault on Mick Hucknall. The bit we can print is, “his sum contribution to the world of music has been negative.” The bit we can’t will make you love this band just that little bit more."
- Gareth James (The Word, UK)

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