last leaf, peter lacey



(Cat. No. SMILE49, Released 24/02/14, Limited Edition CD-R/DL)


Peter's latest album sees something of a return to his musical roots. His earliest songwriting and performing was in a folk duo with his school chum, Nick. They aspired to be Hove's answer to Simon and Garfunkel, but to no avail, playing twice in church and once nervously at the Boy Scout Gang Show. Peter's home town had a thriving folk club scene that he haplessly left behind the day he exchanged his Woolworth's acoustic for a Watkins Rapier electric guitar. On Last Leaf, Peter has somehow managed to refine his approach and yet achieve an even more richer and sophisticated sound; recording his most accessible and accomplished collection of songs to date.


1. Country Mile
2. The Woodwind
3. Sunrise Ride
4. Right as Rain
5. Harvest Moon
6. Seven Hills to Hangleton
7. Fisherman
8. Gatekeepers
9. Sparrow
10. He is Sleeping
11. Boy in the Rings of a Tree
12. Woodwind (Reprise)


"The compositions hook from the outset, the narrative lyrics tell stories you want to hear and the musicianship is outstanding... the songs use an expressive, narrative feel that is quintessentially English, made all the more meaningful by Lacey’s dramatic vocals. The myriad of intriguing elements that feed their way through the songs are quite simply hypnotising. Nothing predictable. Everything inventive. Without doubt ‘Last Leaf’ by Peter Lacey will stay with you for some time."

Charlie Elland (Folk Words)

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