lift the cobweb veil, gothic chicken, marco rossi, alan strawbridge, tom hughes, luke adams


(Cat. No. SMILE55, Released 25/01/16, LP/DL)


Unthinkably, Dorset pop-psych misfits Gothic Chicken started writing and recording many of the basic tracks for Lift the Cobweb Veil nearly ten years ago. And then stuff intervened, as stuff so often does, but they never went away. The band still gigged intermittently, and still do, and always will, but it wasn’t until 2015 that they re-addressed and finally finished the songs they began so many years ago. In so doing, they realised that the irreverent psych homage they’d originally intended had turned into something altogether darker, more personal and less codified when they weren’t looking.  To everyone’s surprise, the human condition has ended up daubed all over it.  However, all of this is delineated with swirls of colour (notwithstanding an obsidian seam of bleak humour), and set to conspicuously sunny, vertical melodies.


1 Overture?
2 Overthrow
3 And as for Me
4 Take a Little Time to Give Your Drake a Treat
5 The Mousetrap
6 The Sooner We Start, the Sooner We Leave
7 Pitta Bread Man
8 Like a Fool
9 Priest Hole
10 Snailfluke
11 Westward Ho?
12 It's all up to You, Saint Jude


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