last leaf, peter lacey


(Cat. No. SMILE57, Released 09/05/16, Limited Edition CD-R/DL)


Peter's unlimited inspiration and creativity continues in 2016, with the release of a new album and a superb single 'Jonny and the Aspirations'.  This stunning collection of new songs has more of a "live" band feel which suits the new material perfectly.  New Way Lane and its companion single, further cements Peter's well-deserved reputation as one of the most talented and consistent songwriters and musicians in the UK.


"2016 and another fantastic opportunity to release another album on Pink Hedgehog Records. New Way Lane was largely recorded in my garage because my loft was being been converted from a windowless shell into real rooms... Simon Felton pointed out there was a 'live' sound to many of the songs! No wonder in my concrete and aluminium bunker of a garage... otherwise, it's a standard collection of songs, some friendly, some cutting and others watching it from the wings... hope you can pop along to New Way Lane!"  (Peter Lacey, May 2016)


1. Star in Your Own Show
2. New Way Lane
3. Laundro Matt
4. Jasmine (Blooms Tonight!)
5. Bella Donna
6. Good God!
7. Afternoon Nap
8. Home Free
9. So Long Brother Jon
10. Desperate Dan
11. Old Fashioned Cafe
12. Better Make Tracks


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