2019 is a special year here at PH HQ as we are celebrating our 25th anniversary!  It's hard to believe it was 25 years ago, when I started recording bands on my 8-track portastudio and releasing the results on cassettes.  Who knew that a quarter of a century later, vinyl would be the coolest way to listen to music again and even the humble cassette tape is enjoying a comeback of it's own.

But lets look forward rather than back, this year will see Pink Hedgehog enjoy it's own little renaissance, with new music from Anton Barbeau, Berliner Grotesk, his first piano-based album; Pete Sounds, a double-album from Peter Lacey featuring a dozen brand new songs, together with a career "best of" compilation chosen by his fans.  And who knows, perhaps this will also be the year that Garfields Birthday finally finish that new album they've been threatening people with for a while now!

So, thanks for supporting us over the years, it is greatly appreciated.  More details on all the new music for 2019 will appear soon, either in your inbox or on this site.

Berliner Grotesk by Anton Barbeau
Pete Sounds by Peter Lacey

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