I hope everyone taking the time to read this is safe and well, being good and taking care of your families, friends and neighbours.  I will never take a burger and pint in the pub or having a coffee with a friend for granted again.  Given my self-employed (and currently non-employed) situation, I thought it was about time I got busy with my music again, find a positive in all this strangeness and turn my attention to my little record label and being creative and hopeful.

First of all, I've always been a great believer in the therapeutic power of music.  Some of you may remember my recent "therapeutic trilogy" of albums?  Well, in the spirit of sharing some of that positivity with you, I have made all of my solo albums available as free downloads on Bandcamp.  The same goes for all the releases for my band Garfields Birthday.  Please don't feel any obligation to pay anything, just listen and hopefully there will be something there to pass a happy hour on the sofa and perhaps put a smile on your face.

After the huge success of Peter Lacey's latest album Pete Sounds, I'm tickled pink to be able to say that Peter already has a brand new album called Old Hat ready for a Summer release.  I'm one of the lucky few who has heard the new collecion and I was totally blown away, I really don't know how he does it.  To my ears, there was loads of classic McCartney, Surf Up-era Beach Boys and some Steely Dan too.  A totally gorgeous album that I can't wait to share with you!

Order your copy here.


I'm sure many of you will remember Hamfatter, the Cambridge-based band that gave Pink Hedgehog our first chart success!  Well, enough time has passed after all that Dragon's Den craziness, and the guys are back in action, recording new music and re-connecting with their fans.  Visit their new site here and treat yourself to a helping of their marvellous melancholy music, starting with the video to 'Words of Love', it's brilliant and the piano sounds great!

I realise I'm in danger of overloading you all with musical lovliness, so I won't keep you much longer.  I will leave you with one more helping of positivity, a link that will take you to Steve Wilson, performing a 20min set as part of this weekend's Isolation Festival.  Reaching out, by way of music, to our friends around the globe at this time of uncertainty.  What a lovely thing to do!


Old Hat by Peter Lacey

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