old school new rules, steve wilson, simon felton, tim wheeler, chris rickard, robbie mcintosh


(Cat. No. SMILE54, Released 25/01/16, CD/DL)


Wilson are a four-piece band from Dorset, England founded by singer-songwriter Steve Wilson in 2013 and includes Simon Felton on bass guitar, Timmy Wheeler on drums and Chris Rickard on keyboards. Their debut album Old School, New Rules was conceived  with the mission statement of producing “melodic songs with an emphasis on harmonies.” Augmented by the excellent guitar work of Ex-Pretender Robbie McIntosh and Steve Smith’s quality production, the album is a collection of songs which are stylish, emotive and entertaining with an honesty and integrity that is definitely old school!


1 Long Road
2 Pretty Girl in a Small Town
3 Silver Lining
4 Waiting For Your Turn
5 Fallin' Down
6 The Moment You Walked By
7 You're the One
8 Hazard on the Road
9 Steelmen
10 Lost at Sea
11 Peace of Mind


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