Pete Sounds by Peter Lacey


(Cat. No. SMILE63, Released 31/05/19, Limited Edition Double CD-R/DL)


Time flies when you're having fun!  It's hard to believe that 20 years have flown since I first started making homemade solo albums back in the last century.  And that's a timely reason to celebrate with this "best of" collection, compiled by way of a consensus by fans and friends - songs popularly picked by particular pop pickers!  The songs move chronologically from album to album to singles I've released over the years.  Tracks 15 to 26 on disc 2 are brand new!


- Peter Lacey (April 2019)

Disc One

1. Here I Turn
2. The Cathedral of Trees
3. Ellen Street
4. Inspiration
5. White World (Without Sound)
6. The Sparkle Room
7. Love
8. Chime In
9. The Silver Lady
10. September
11. Sandman (Of the Southern Shores)
12. The Saddest Night in the World
13. Sunrise
14. Surround Sound
15. Many Moons Ago
16. Sublime
17. Miss Tere
18. I Know Roads
19. Funfair For the Common Man
20. Transport of Delight
21. Psychedelic Tie
22. Sunday Painter
23. Drinkin' in the Sunshine
24. Worlds End Amateur Dramatic Society Ball
25. Miss Daisy Hawkins


Disc Two

1. Magic Shadow Show
2. First Light
3. The Last Pierrot
4. Paradise Cove
5. Right as Rain
6. 7 Hills to Hangleton
7. The Boy in the Rings of a Tree
8. Bella Donna
9. Wayward Song
10. New Way Lane
11. So Long Brother Jon
12. Jonny and the Aspirations
13. Seaside Hideaway
14. Calico Jack
15. Pete Sounds
16. Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)
17. Three Ungrateful Monkeys
18. Trade Winds Cafe
19. Cardinal Sin
20. Black Dwarf Sun
21. 3 Anthropomorphic Pigs
22. My Dear Old Allotment Plot
23. Pleasure Boat Pond
24. End of our Road
25. Brotherton Meadow
26. Fin

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