peter lacey


Peter's music is often compared to that of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys, sharing a similar talent for harmonies and lush musical arrangements; and also to Paul McCartney’s early work, with it's strength of melody and warm homespun production. However, with each new album, he is establishing himself as a highly talented artist in his own right. Peter has collaborated with celebrated songwriter and poet Stephen John Kalinich, on their album South Downs Way, and again more recently on We are the Sand, together with David Beard (Endless Summer Quarterly). Peter has been a loyal part of the Pink Hedgehog family for many years now and has released an endless flow of sublime music during that time.


Pete Sounds PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE63 - 2019 double album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

Calico Jack PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE60 - 2017 single on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

Seaside Hideaway PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE58 - 2016 single on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

New Way Lane PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE57 - 2016 album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

A Winter Ball PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE56 - 2015 single on Limited Edition DVD/DL

Wayward Song PINK HEDGEHOG, TINGLE1 - 2015 single on 7" vinyl/DL

Last Leaf PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE49 - 2014 album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

Grinmace PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE48 - 2012 ep on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

Worlds End Amateur Melodramatic Society Ball PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE46

                                                                                          - 2012 album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

We are the Sand PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE45 - 2011 album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

Behind the Scenes PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE39 - 2010 album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

South Downs Way PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE36 - 2009 album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

Permanent Wave PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE19 - 2007 album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

Songs From a Loft PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE9 - 2005 album on CD/DL

Anderida PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE5 - 2003 album on CD/DL

Thru a Glass Brightly PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE2 - 2001 album on CD/DL

"Beach Boys fans will love it, as will anyone who still appreciates crafted melodies and harmonies." - Kingsley Abbott (Record Collector, UK)


"A singer-songwriter of great scope and vision." - Paul Johnson (Uncut, UK)

"Peter continues his bright and very rewarding journey into music from the heart for all of us seeking the stimulation and reassurance sincere and inspired musical exploration can bring." - Paul Williams (Crawdaddy, USA)

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