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Schnauser is the brainchild and musical vehicle for songwriter, producer and musician Alan Strawbridge. Al has previously recorded three albums with The Lucky Bishops, touring Spain and the United States; he recorded two albums and played occasional great gigs with power-poppers Cheese; played drums and produced an album with The Bitter Little Cider Apples; and toured extensively as a member of Orange, recording a UK chart single in Abbey Road Studios. He also plays, writes and is recording an album of psychedelic music with psych-pop outfit Gothic Chicken.


The Sound of Meat PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE40 - 2010 album on CD/DL

Kill All Humans PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE15 - 2005 album on Limited Edition CD-R/DL

"If you've ever found yourself wishing that, just once, a contemporary band would bowl along and shock the trews off of you with every unexpected chord change, delight you with the uncommon breadth of their seamlessly-integrated influences and vindicate you with the cynical common sense of their bleakly witty worldview, Schnauser are your saviours. The Sound of Meat follows 2005's uncanny debut Kill All Humans and proves itself to be inarguably worth the wait within 20 seconds of its breezily dismissive opener, 'Cosmic Ordering Service'. Straight away, Schnauser set out their characteristic stall: a failsafe combination of melodious, inventive songwriting, energetically airtight musicianship, neo-psych bendiness and an irrepressible classic pop sensibility which coats the kinks in those complex compositions. Indeed, for all of its tempo twists and trenchant turns, The Sound of Meat boasts more hooks than the closing scenes of The Fog: the sarky sunshine pop of 'Everythings is Nice', the baroque prettiness of the celeb-baiting 'Homeless', the persuasively nodding gait of 'Twins of Evil' and the queasy tunefulness of the instrumental 'I Couldn't F*** a Gorilla'. Be sure not to overlook hidden track 'You're The Greatest Girl I've Ever Seen': diseased supperclub jazz worthy of Supersister."

 - Marco Rossi (Record Collector, UK)


"Schnauser are a trio from Bristol who smear flip pop-cultural analysis over Beach Boys harmonies and the sort of baroque inflections favoured by 1970s technicians such as Todd Rundgren, The Raspberries and The Electric Light Orchestra. Thus, ‘Cosmic Ordering Service’ examines the spiritual theories of Noel Edmunds over a truncated guitar part XTC might have been proud of; a bus driver is disturbed by seeing twins on the Peppery pastiche ‘Twins of Evil’; ‘World of Whimsy’ alternates low-end noise with slices of sunshine pop reminiscent of The Turtles; and the archly upbeat ‘Last One Picked’, fittingly the final track, is a guilty, piano-led pleasure."
 - Stewart Lee (The Sunday Times, UK)

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