simon felton


Simon has been singing and playing bass guitar with indie-pop stalwarts Garfields Birthday since the mid-90s, becoming their reluctant front man in 2004 after the departure of founding member James Laming. It would have been very easy to let the band rust in pieces, but instead they carried on regardless, playing live once again (including four appearances at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool) and releasing three highly acclaimed albums between 2008 and 2014.  Simon can also be seen playing bass for the harmony-led band Wilson, whose debut album Old School, New Rules received rave reviews in Record Collector and R2.

All the while, Simon continued writing songs and recording demos on his own, finally coming of age in 2009 with the release of his first solo album called Failing in Biology, with musical support and production duties ably provided by Californian pop guru Anton Barbeau, and West Country psych-pop legend Alan Strawbridge (Schnauser). The resulting album was very well received and all concerned felt it was a collaboration worth repeating, with album #2, Surrender, Dorothy!, following in 2011! With two successful tours of Germany behind him, Simon's latest album, Topsy Turvy, was released in November 2017 - the last in his recent therapeutic trilogy.


Topsy Turvy PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE61 - 2017 album on CD-R/DL

Return to Easton Square PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE59 - 2016 album on CD-R/DL

Emotional Feedback PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE53 - 2015 album on CD-R/DL

Surrender, Dorothy! PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE43 - 2011 album on CD/DL

Failing in Biology PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE35 - 2009 album on CD/DL

"Felton effortlessly keeps the should-be hits coming."
 - Michael Toland (The Big Takeover, USA)


"Bulletproof pop sensibility and signature self-deprecating wit."
 - Marco Rossi (Shindig!)

"Fans of psychedelia will be in nirvana."
- Aaron Kupferberg (Powerpopaholic, USA)

"Has a great gift for composing catchy ear candy that sticks in the head for days."
- Jeff Penczak (Happening Magazine, UK)


"A true renaissance man of power pop."
- Ronnie Dannelley (Ear Candy, USA)


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