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(Cat. No. SMILE43, Released 01/08/11, CD/DL)


This second solo outing from the Garfields Birthday frontman is sunshine in a CD. It's all the fun of the fair with a carnival atmosphere. The multi-talented Alan Strawbridge, ably assisted by Californian cult-superstar Anton Barbeau, have hand crafted a gem of a vehicle for Simon’s songs and pure vocal style. This successful team had masterminded his maiden solo release back in 2009 and their masterful touch two years on makes this an absolute joy to behold.

1 Peepshow
2 Marbles
3 Surprise
4 Lying Down
5 Finally
6 Novelty
7 Slowing Down
8 Compatible
9 Psychedelia Smith
10 Day Dreams & Broken Bones


"Squeeze ought by rights to be banging on Simon's door any minute now, demanding their mojo back." Marco Rossi (Shindig!)

"Felton effortlessly keeps the should-be hits coming."

Michael Toland (The Big Takeover)

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