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the black watch

the black watch are from Los Angeles and are the musical vehicle for John Andrew Fredrick, who writes "witty, literate, unpretentious songs in the vein of Robyn Hitchcock". Together with his band, he successfully draws inspiration from classic British pop like The Beatles and the lyrical genius of Bob Dylan, to arrive at his own brooding and mesmerising brand of dreamy pop! We are very proud to have released their first ever UK pressings which started with The Innercity Garden EP and was immediately followed by the amazing full length album called The Hypnotizing Sea.



The Hypnotizing Sea PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE12 - 2005 album on CD/DL

The Innercity Garden EP PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE11 - 2005 ep on CD/DL

"Why is this excellent LA band so loved in the UK? 'Innercity Garden', the title track from their new EP, has my vote for best song of the summer - like a giant swing that lands you on your own secret party in a cloud. Like Andy Prieboy, they survived notoriously lame-o Dr Dream Records and the grunge era, a breakup and even the departure of signature violinist J'Anna Jacoby. Lead singer-guitarist John Andrew Fredrick has a Ph.D. in English and has written novels to boot. An LA treasure? You bet."
 - Libby Molyneaux (The LA Weekly, USA)

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