alex meadows


From North London, The Inexperienced are an act led and produced by Alex Meadows. Alex is currently touring with Sir Tom Jones, playing bass and a bit of guitar and even less keyboards. In the past he was a member of Arista recording artist Electrasy (as bass player and writer) who had a UK top 20 hit with ‘Morning Afterglow’.  He can also be heard playing on Jamiroquai’s Dynamite album, again playing bass, and can claim to have survived two world tours with Simon Cowell’s creation Il Divo, playing almost no music at all!


Too Inexperienced PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE52 - 2015 album on CD/DL

The Inexperienced PINK HEDGEHOG, SMILE38 - 2010 album on CD/DL


"Charming, warm, melodic and varied pop in a dozen assorted pastel colored flavors. Ranging from Brit-funk, to mellow balladry, and tracks that sound like lost 70s rock hits. Lilting reggae-flavored soft rock, spacious lighter-than-air flights of fancy and wishful idealism. Catchy compressed pop nuggets spilling out like brightly colored candy."
 - George Parsons (Dream Magazine, USA)

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