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(Cat. No. SMILE52, Released 27/07/15, CD/DL)


Too Inexperienced is the second instalment from North London-based act, The Inexperienced. The album features 11 new tracks ranging from melodic prog pop to brit-funk. Written, produced and led by Alex Meadows, bass player with Sir Tom Jones and the supplier of all the bass on Will Young’s No.1 album, Echoes. Previously he worked with Jamiroquai and before that was a member of Electrasy, the band who brought us ‘Morning Afterglow’ in the late 90’s.  The new album contains 10 songs that are rich in melody and vocal harmony, driven by plenty of guitars and decorated with Moog synthesizer, brass and in places, a section of primary school favourite, the recorder.


The songs’ subject matter ranges from the healing properties of 528hz frequency ('528hz'), the dangers of low level electromagnetic radiation ('Microwaving') and eating McDonald’s ('It’s A Weapon'), to the more traditional subject of the broken heart ('Butterflies') and does so with a witty intelligence.  You can hear the influences of Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam and The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band to name a few, and roles on nicely from the 2010 debut album, The Inexperienced. Well worth a spin if you’re bored with lifeless, quantized tracks under overly tuned vocals and still enjoy the excitement and imperfections of human performance.

1. Something to Sing
2. 528Hz
3. Microwaving
4. No Yeah
5. Something Outta Nothing
6. The Shorten Suite:
    Covers Blown
    It's a Weapon
    One Man Came to Mow
7. Inventor Preventer
8. Real Life Situation
9. Take Me Home
10. Butterflies
11. Curl One Off


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