last leaf, peter lacey


(Cat. No. TINGLE1, Released 18/05/15, 7" Vinyl Single/DL)


Spring 2015 sees a first for both Pink Hedgehog and it's gifted artist Peter Lacey. We have been proud to release all of Peter's albums since 2001's Thru a Glass Brightly and are equally pleased to help him realise a life-long dream - that of releasing a vinyl single! This is also the first time Pink Hedgehog have released anything on vinyl and we are incredibly happy to be a part of the vinyl renaisance that has been gathering momentum over recent years amongst music lovers and collectors.

"This song was born out of a number of losses in my world in 2013. I had to say goodbye to my mum and dad and also to my job. 'Wayward Song' is a conversation with myself. There's times when life throws a lot at you and it just seems too tough. But then, after a lot of talking to myself, I realised it all comes down to the fact you have to carry on. I don't think it's easy to imbue a song with sincerity. For me I feel I came close with this particular tune. I wonder if you agree?" - Peter Lacey (April 2015)


1. Wayward Song
2. Many Moons Ago


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