we are the sand, peter lacey


(Cat. No. SMILE45, Released 05/12/11, Limited Edition CD-R/DL)


We are the Sand is the eighth album from Peter Lacey and his seventh release on Pink Hedgehog. It's been over ten years since the release of Peter's debut Beam! back in 2000 - the album which Paul Williams (Editor of the legendary Crawdaddy magazine) hailed as "The best ‘child-of-Brian’ album of the many I've heard...". That Brian is, of course, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. Accompanied once again by previous travelling companion, Beach Boys lyricist Stephen Kalinich, and for the first time by David Beard (Editor of Endless Summer Quarterly); an eclectic blend of influences reach the ear – while at the same time never straying far from the familiar tones of Peter's original inspiration and personal Californian dream.

1. We are the Sand
2. Drinkin’ in the Sunshine/Notes From Cornwall (Pt.1)
3. There’s a Feeling
4. Part of the Rock
5. She’s a Rainbow
6. Come What May
7. A Pool of Thought
8. Why?
9. Full Circle
10. Time, Less Reason
11. An Open Heart/Notes From Cornwall (Pt.2)
12. Naomi’s Song
13. Call it a Day


"Those in the know" increase in number and zeal year upon year, but for the as-yet uninitiated Peter Lacey is most often thought of as a kind of Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson-besotted cottage industry, responsible for some marvellously textural evocations of the Beach Boy mindset while still taking the ethos forward. We are the Sand, constructed in collaboration with erstwhile Beach Boys lyricist Stephen John Kalinich and American Beach Boys fan club editor David Beard, plays like an impressionistic day at the beach - with the action relocated to Cornwall - featuring as it does spoof radio station links for track segues and high summer sound collages. Where the irresistible title track ("we're thinking outside the box" - like it) and 'Drinkin' in the Sunshine' represent the most overt Beach Boys panegyric yet - note the latter's plunge into a poetic 'Cool Cool Water'-style free-fall - 'Come What May' and 'An Open Heart' are pure Lacey: earnest and sweet-natured." Marco Rossi (Shindig!)

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