worlds end amateur melodramatic society ball, peter lacey



(Cat. No. SMILE46, Released 09/07/12, Limited Edition CD-R/DL)


Peter's ninth album of heavenly delights seems ever closer to his heart, with a new collection of songs unfolding around the central theme of a village community and the people who bring life to the bricks and mortar. Over the whirligig and ravages of time, evidence exists of communal life reaching back into the very dim past at Worlds End and its parish hall provides an enduring venue for its many social gatherings. The most popular remains the quarterly Ball given by the local amateur melodramatic society who rent the hall for their weekly rehearsals. True to say, the Ball itself is far better attended than the societie's productions, but if the walls could speak many tales would be told of these magical evenings - Peter shares some of them with us!


1. Worlds End Amateur Melodramatic Society Ball
2. Magic Shadow Show
3. First Light
4. Leave Well Enough Alone
5. Percy Cute
6. Maudlin Lane
7. I Didn't Get Where I Am Today
8. Miss Daisy Hawkins
9. Lark!
10. Half Way House
11. The Last Pierrot
12. They're Playing Our Tune


"As with his erstwhile label mate Anton Barbeau, Peter Lacey's fecundity as a composer is a confounding thing. Surely someone this prolific can't possibly exercise even a modicum of quality control? Well, he can and does. Does he ever. Having recently completed the evocative and broadly conceptual We are the Sand with former Beach Boys lyricist Stephen John Kalinich and American Beach Boys Fan Club editor David Beard, Lacey isn't letting the, ah, sand grow beneath his feet. Worlds End contains enough of his signature melodious sensitivity ('Half Way House', 'First Light') to keep long-term fans in grateful tears, but the upfront snap and kick of 'Magic Shadow Show', the brief instrumental 'Lark' and 'I Didn't Get Where I Am Today' may raise eyebrows and smiles alike. Meanwhile, the baroque and beautiful 'Miss Daisy Hawkins' is, genuinely, worthy of early Harry Nilsson. Greater praise does not exist from where we're sitting." Marco Rossi (Shindig!)

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