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(Cat. No. SMILE51, Released 01/09/14, Limited Edition CD-R/DL)


You are Here sees something of a return to the band's youth, when most of their music was released on cassettes - and without a hint of nostalgia or irony! The technology may have changed, but the great tunes and sweet harmonies are still present and correct. With no drummer within hitting distance, who better than Alan Strawbridge (Schnauser/The Lucky Bishops) to join brothers Shane and Simon Felton to complete the line-up for this, their first new album since 2010. Hopefully some of the pleasure and sense of fun that was shared whilst making the album is also there for you to enjoy! Some of the topics covered on this album are flying bicycles, a subtle critique of commercial radio, the rose-tinted reminiscences of a romantic weekend in Oxford and the benefits/potential pitfalls of cross-dressing.


1. Magic Bike
2. Fancy Dress
3. I'm a Star Tonight
4. Carpet Ride
5. It's Your Lucky Day
6. Oxford
7. Lunar Eclipse
8. Radio
9. Rheinhold Paisley
10. Sunday Best
11. Water (It Looks Like Rain)


"Garfields Birthday’s first album in four years is chock full of danceable, toetapping, harmonious pop with oodles of power pop perfection and wall-to-wall Spectorish production flourishes. Pitch-perfect harmonies flow out of every tune, with nearly every one scoring a perfect 10 on the goosepimple scale."

Jeff Penczak (Soundblab)

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