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Three Lolly Pops


The Cost of Living album by Simon Felton

Simon Felton

The Cost of Living (2020)


After a few years of work, life and other distractions, November 2020 sees the release of a brand new collection of melancholy pop songs. It could almost be seen as the fourth part of the "Therapeutic Trilogy"!

Topsy Turvy album by Simon Felton

Simon Felton

Topsy Turvy (2017)


This is the final album in Simon's therapeutic trilogy. American poet and songwriter Stephen John Kalinich features on the album. Stevie has also collaborated with Peter Lacey and Brian Wilson.

Return to Easton Square album by Simon Felton

Simon Felton

Return to Easton Square (2016)

Another confessional collection, which sees Simon in many different moods which are reflected in the eclectic song selection. Some are highly introspective, some bouncy and fun, possibly even a bit silly.

Emotional Feedback album by Simon Felton

Simon Felton

Emotional Feedback (2015)


Not a break-up album in the classic sense, but there is definitely a recurring theme of loss and lethergy that pervades throughout in these pretty and melodic songs about (mostly) human relationships.

Surrender Dorothy album by Simon Felton

Simon Felton

Surrender, Dorothy! (2011)

The successful team behind Simon's debut solo release, add their joint masterful touch once again, making this an absolute joy to behold. With his catchy songs and pure vocal style, it's sunshine in a CD.

Failing in Biology album by Simon Felton

Simon Felton

Failing in Biology (2009)


Back in 2009, Simon joined forces with Californian cult-superstar Anton Barbeau and Bristol-based psych-pop legend Alan Strawbridge to give us this concise and punchy album of shiny pop gems!

Typically Stereo Front_WEB.jpg

Garfields Birthday

Typically Stereo (2020)

Garfields Birthday celebrate 25 years of power-pop lovliness with this "best of" album, featuring alternate mixes and unreleased material; all their best studio recordings remastered for 2020.


Garfields Birthday

You are Here (2014)

This album sees something of a return to the band's youth in the 90s, when most of their music came out on cassettes and was reviewed in fanzines! Great tunes and sweet harmonies never get old.


Garfields Birthday

More Sense Than Money (2010)

An eclectic album, full of the band's trademark melodies, up front vocals and harmonies. Arguably a more mature offering than their debut, but there are still plenty of catchy songs, chiming guitars and killer hooks!


Garfields Birthday

Let Them Eat Cake (2008)

Back in 2008, Brit-pop already seemed an awfully long time ago; but based on the ten pop gems that made up this, the band's "official" debut album, it seemed there was still plenty to be happy about.

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